Three Reasons Why You’re a Foster Parent

The celebration of National Foster Care Month continues to remind all of us how important the world of foster care really is. The decision to fully commit yourself to another individual’s life is… Continue reading

Foster Care Month- Two Truth’s and a Lie on Foster Parenting

Two truths and a lie on foster parenting

Foster Care Month: Ray’s Story

Former Foster Care kid overcomes obstacles to become Foster Care Treatment Advocate

Illinois’ State Task Force on Developing Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults who are Jobless and/or Out-of-School

CHICAGO–Yesterday, National Youth Advocate Program, Inc. had the privilege of hosting the Illinois State Task Force on Developing Opportunities for Youth and Young Adults who are jobless and/or out of school.   The… Continue reading

FREE Ohio Foster Care Recruitment & Retention Bootcamp

Join other Ohio recruiters to learn how to find foster homes and keep them open!

January- National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month. How are you able to contribute and mentor those around you?

Adoption: A True Story

Becky and Aaron took small steps toward growing their family, ultimately bringing two beautiful daughters into their home.

NYAP ACTION’s Annual National Adoption Month Party

Biological and adoptive families along with countless youth of all ages, enjoyed a delightful afternoon Sunday at ACTION Adoption’s Annual National Adoption Month Party. It was full of cake, fun activities, laughter and,… Continue reading

NYAP’s Top 10 Benefits of Adoption

  In continuation of #NationalAdoptionMonth, NYAP put together top 10 benefits of adoption that you may or may not know. Learn how adopting can benefit all involved below! 10. The Federal Adoption Tax… Continue reading