National Adoption Month: NYAP’s ACTION Adoption

Read all about NYAP’s ACTION Adoption team as we celebrate National Adoption Month!


“Empowered to Love Yourself” Chicago Event

NYAP-Chicago hosted an event called “Empowered to Love Yourself” in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

National Voter Registration Day: Where & How

Happy National Voter Registration Day! Take an opportunity to register today to be an active participant this voting season.

2018 Youth Success Day for Circuit 4 Awards

One of the best parts of our jobs is to watch children and youth grow each day as individuals. To grow as an individual, goals and expectations must be set and a constant… Continue reading

Social Inclusion Month Activity

In celebration of June’s value of social inclusion, we decided to initiate a NYAP-wide activity that touched and reflected on what social inclusion means to our own employees. The activity divided participants up… Continue reading

LGBTQ Month- Interview with NYAP Cincinnati foster parent couple

As the month of June winds down, we reflect on the time we’ve taken part in celebrating the LGBTQ community this month. From pride festivals to the recognition of LGTBQ individuals, it’s been… Continue reading

The Blind Eye of LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care

The progress toward equality for people that identify as LGBTQ in the United States has made great strides in recent years. As the discussion opens up to more people, many are beginning to… Continue reading

Tips for Teenagers Dealing with Depression or Social Anxiety

ISOLATION. LONELINESS. GRIEF. These are only a few words to describe what its like for someone going through depression or social anxiety. Feeling as though you’ve lost your meaning of life is perhaps… Continue reading

NYAP joins forces with Organizations to combat unjust separation of Immigrant Families

NYAP joins forces with other organizations to call out and combat unjust separation of immigrant families in the United States.

Foster Care Month- “Fostering those with Special Needs in West Virginia”

As National Foster Care Month draws to a close, it’s inspiring to see the countless stories and articles that have come to light from all over the world. Here at NYAP we’ve made… Continue reading