Caring for People

Children First:

NYAP has a non-negotiable commitment to doing what is best for children, youth and their families.

Caring for People demonstrates how NYAP employees push every day for the rights and safety of the children, youth and families we serve. At the end of the day, our work goes back to caring for each and every individual in communities across the nation.

Read NYAP blogs below to learn how NYAP cares for people across different communities.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month: Protecting Our Youth Through Compassion

We recognize the realities of child abuse and neglect, and believe that Child Abuse Prevention affords us the opportunity to live out our mission of being an energetic instrument of CHANGE and COMPASSION and therewith empower our families and communities, a critical responsibility we all have.

Innovation in Uncertain Times: Mobile Therapy

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Jennifer Lord, licensed professional counselor association (LPCA) independent contractor for the NYAP Kentucky office, felt defeated by not being able to complete her therapy work with her students in the classroom. However, the pandemic didn’t keep her from living out one of NYAP’s founding values: Innovation. Jennifer got to work…

Make a #NFCM21 Impact with NYAP

There are many ways to impact foster youth in our communities with National Youth Advocate Program. National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) knows that there are many different ways you can make an impact in a foster youth’s life. Think, for instance, the impact of a smile, wave, random act of kindness or gesture that made your not-so-good days brighter. That is the type of impact that, done…

Tips for Teenagers Dealing with Depression or Social Anxiety

There is not always a way to fully “cure” someone who is dealing with depression or social anxiety, but there are ways to provide support. These tips are to provide a few strategies for teens in order to try and combat the persistent insecure thoughts that plague them.

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