January- National Mentoring Month

As January comes to a quick end, we loved the opportunity we had to celebrate National Mentoring Month. We talked with a NYAP mentor at one of our locations in Columbus, and she shared her tips as she reviews her mentoring time.

Liza Roth decided to become a mentor in 2017. Upon seeing the need for mentors at NYAP’s Center for Adolescents and Families, she decided to make the decision to mentor and help a teen in need. “As a young person I didn’t have any safe adults in my life, and I knew that I wanted to be that for someone.”

Quickly after joining the NYAP team, she became close with an LGBTQ teen at the Center. Looking back on their relationship through the mentorship, she said, “It’s good. I feel like at first it was difficult to get close to my mentee, but now it feels like a friendship has really developed.” Being present for her youth and showing consistency and compassion has brought invaluable benefits for those she serves.

As we celebrate NYAP’s 40th anniversary in 2018, we focused on one of our core values this month: children first. In Liza’s mentoring role, she has spoken to that value by making time for someone who needs and appreciates a mentor. Because her young teen mentee is now 18 years old, she is learning how to improve her independent living skills, shape her relationships with others and advance towards gainful employment opportunities. Liza is seamlessly helping her navigate this world at such a impressionable time.

Liza shared some things that those pursuing mentoring should remember:

  1. Even if you feel like you’re not doing much, just being there makes a huge difference. 
  2. Staying consistent is important.
  3. Stick through the awkward moments.
  4. You don’t have to have everything together to be a mentor.

Reach out to someone who you think could use a mentor; help them recognize their potential, importance and possibilities that are in front of them.


For more information on becoming a mentor or foster parent, contact NYAP today at: 877-NYAP-CAN or email Candy Mota at: cmota@nyap.org.

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