Caring as Martin Luther King, Jr. did

As we embrace this great New Year and honor Dr. Martin Luther King Day, National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) pays tribute to someone whose work has marked our history. Dr. King envisioned a world where people of all walks of life came together to live with one another in understanding and acceptance. While we honor Dr. King today and the extraordinary life he had, we take comfort in knowing, though he was taken from us too soon, his vision and message will live on forever.

Let’s look back on a few of the significant ways he impacted our history:

From leading hundreds of people in Montgomery, Alabama to boycott the countless injustices faced by African Americans, to boldly marching in Washington DC causing a historical shift, to gathering others and inspiring through a faithful and peaceful approach, Dr. King’s contributions to our society have been invaluable. Through it all, Dr. King had a relentless commitment to helping and caring for a better life for African Americans across our country. In Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. King led a campaign to fight the heavy discrimination African Americans experienced in one of the more racially divided cities in the country at the time. In his time he traveled over six million miles and spoke over 2500 times, appearing wherever there was injustice and help needed.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed that in order for change to happen, love and commitment must also be present. 50 years later, we thank Dr. King for everything he did to make the world that we currently live in a better place.

NYAP keeps Dr. King’s legacy alive through the work we do on a daily basis. We embody the message he so beautifully carried out: Caring for People, Connecting Communities and Promoting Peace.

We hope everyone takes the time today to appreciate and celebrate the ever-lasting effect Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has on all of us.