NYAP’s Year In Review

As we head into the last month of 2018, we look back on an amazing year in NYAP. Let’s reflect on some of the wonderful opportunities NYAP participated in this past year that helped us grow as an organization.

We maintained a healthy balance of physical and mental health with an employee-centered health challenge: NYAPSTRONG! Through a water challenge, self-care challenge, step challenge and other NYAPSTRONG challenges, we got the chance to take up the priority of having a good balance of work and self-care. The water and step challenges got NYAP up and moving by making physical exercise a fun and competitive contest amongst coworkers. Taking the necessary time to focus on mental health and share techniques with one another helped tackle the stresses that everyone faces in their lives.

We celebrated our 10 founding values, one each month, to ring in our organization’s anniversary: Children First in January, Peacemaking in February, Diversity in March, Universal Rights of Children in April, Social Inclusion in June, Community in July, Individual Advocacy in August, Innovation in September, Empowerment in October and Advocacy for Change in December.

During Black History Month and LGBTQ Awareness Month, NYAP spent time with our fellow coworkers talking about the ways that we can make NYAP a place where diversity and inclusion prosper. Additionally, joining in the celebration of National Foster Care Month, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and National Adoption Month provided everyone with opportunities to advocate for the people we serve. We look forward to next year for more opportunities to participate in awareness-centered months of celebration.

The power of advocacy and using ones voice to create change should never be underestimated. This year NYAP welcomed a new section to its organizational-wide newsletter titled, “Across the Aisle,” which takes a look at some of the ways that NYAP employees can further advocate for those we serve in our communities and state and local governments. It motivated one another to take part in becoming active through civic engagement including a push to have our voices be heard on Voting Day in November. As an organization, we hosted the Illinois Task Force on Opportunity Youth, and banded together in McAllen, Texas to oppose the separation of children from their families.

During this 40th year, we furthered the drive to continue caring and providing for the youth and families we serve, as well as focus on our employees that make our agency so great. Thank you to all those that made this past year one to remember!

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” -John F. Kennedy