National Adoption Month: The Impact of Adoption

As the last day of November falls on us, we look back on what has been an amazing month of celebration of National Adoption Month. This time to take a deeper look into adoption has given everyone some better insight and knowledge of adoption as a whole, and has opened our eyes into how adoption changes lives. During this last time for spotlighting adoption, we want to highlight the impact that adoption has on everyone involved and why it’s important that everyone considers adopting.

What are some of the basics to adoption?

Adoption creates a legal relationship between a child and a parent. This allows for children to have a source of stability as they move toward their future as well as a source of inheritance for their future. In order for an adoption to take place, the previous parent-child relationship must be separated. While this is a loss for both children and their birth parents, it allows for protection to the child from further abuse or neglect. While detaching from the birth parents is painful, it always comes down to what is best for the child.

What kind of impact will adoption have?

Adoption changes the future for generations. Issues such as abuse, neglect and substance use are generational, and when children are shown ways to deal with the stresses of everyday life in families outside of that cycle,they make changes that impact future generations. Additionally, adoption gives young adults a home base. Very few of us were ready to be an adult at the moment we turned 18. Instead, we needed the guidance and support of adults who had navigated this time of independence and could be a help in our journeys.Children who are left to age out of the foster care system often do not have the advantage of this home base or the guidance and support it offers. Being the rock to a young adults life will teach them how to go into the real world,and will give you the honor of being the person that helped them succeed.

It’s been a special time for shining a light on adoption this month. It’s important to realize how opening your family to adoption will create a lasting bond for everyone involved. Even after we leave National Adoption Month we must keep the conversation going on adoption, and make sure that every child has the opportunity at a loving family.

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