National Adoption Month- Through the lens of The Helms Family

National Adoption Month gives us an opportunity to turn our attention to the beautiful world of adoption. Adoption can be a confusing area for those who aren’t familiar with it, and when that decision comes to open your arms to a child, we want to make sure you’re ready. The Helms family were once one of those aspiring families looking to adopt, but they never knew where to start. That was until they came into contact with NYAP. 

Through the eyes of the Helms family-

Mr.and Mrs. Helms have been open to the idea of fostering and adopting since the two were married six-and-a-half years ago. They knew of the great need for foster parents where they resided in Georgia, but they didn’t know where to start.  Mrs. Helms recalls “We tried calling some of the Department of Family and Children services numbers and no one ever returned our call. This went on for about two months leading into September of 2014. Then one day I told my husband, ‘I guess it’s not meant for us to do this since we can’t get any responses from anyone,’ and we  planned to just drop it for a while.”  That very day, the Helms got a call from Algie Johnson from NYAP in Decatur, GA changing their lives forever. Mrs. Helms noted, “Honestly, I have no idea how they got our number, and we had  never heard of NYAP at that time, but it was definitely a God-send!”

The Helms started their training in November, 2014 and were certified through NYAP by February 2015. They received their first placement, a five- and-a-half month old baby boy named Anthony, in March of 2015. Later that year in July, they received Anthony’s five-year-old-sister, Nevaeh. After Nevaeh, in November, the Helms received the two children’s one-week-old sister Chevee. Fast forward to this year, the Helms family adopted those same three babies on August 9, increasing their family forever by three.

Of their beautiful new family, Mrs. Helms captured living with her new children by noting –

“They were our only placements and now they are ours forever.”

“I also wanted to add that their names are Anthony Ray, Nevaeh Hope, and Chevee Love. So, we have a Ray of Hope and Love! We have made the decision to close our home for now, but may decide to open back up in the future. Our hearts are so full!”

Personal stories like the Helms family give us the hope that a child’s loving family isn’t that far away. We salute families like the Helms who take the journey into adoption through welcoming new children into their lives.

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