National Adoption Month: Spotlight on the Eker Family

When it comes to caring for the children we serve, it is a responsibility by all of us to care, love and listen to every single youth we come across. One of our beloved NYAP families, the Ekers, have embodied these values in every way. As we continue to take part in National Adoption Month,we are excited to share their story and the journey they’ve experienced so far with NYAP and their personal journey through adoption.  

The Ekers

Amy and her husband reside in South Florida and are proud parents of six children. They have three biological children: a 20-year-old son, two beautiful 12-year-old twins and three babies from care. A number of years ago they decided to embark in the world of foster care, and since then they have not looked back. Amy, a Pediatric Nurse at a local hospital, decided one day that she was tired of seeing so many children come in and out of the hospital, children that through no fault of their own were affected by abuse, abandonment or neglect. She decided to do something; she spoke with a young lady who happened to be a foster parent with NYAP. She contacted our local NYAP Deerfield Beach office and spoke with one of our social workers, Michelle. Upon meeting Michelle, Amy noted, “I explained my interest in getting started with the process knowing that our schedules were already pretty busy, but Michelle made it so easy. She mentioned there being a class coming up that very weekend and in no time we started the process.”

The family’s first placement was Julianna. They brought her home from the hospital in December of 2016 and after much hard work were able to successfully adopt her in April of 2018. Amy mentioned, “She’s our little fireball. She’s well-adjusted and is just like my oldest daughter. It’s funny how all of our kids are very similar to one another. They are currently in the process of adopting another sweet child, Joseph, who they call “Jo-Jo.” Jo-Jo was also removed right after birth and was placed in a friend of Amy’s home. The judge ruled for Jo-Jo to be placed with his great grandmother, and then he returned back into care and has been with the Ekers ever since. He is now 18 months old, and is thriving and doing well. He’s received physical therapy and occupational therapy and is now receiving speech therapy, and he is continuing to make huge strides in his development. Amy jokingly said, “Julianna helps a lot because he tries to keep up with her.” Jo-Jo’s mother became pregnant again and they just received a call about a new baby that was born this month. They now have another new beautiful addition to their family, a lovely baby girl.

NYAP salutes the Ekers and so many other countless families, who have effortlessly given to children in need. As we celebrate National Adoption Month, we celebrate all those who continue to give their sacrifice, heart and determination to save our next generation.

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