National Adoption Month: NYAP’s ACTION Adoption

Intro Action Adoption

It’s November, which means it’s time to celebrate National Adoption Month! We are so thrilled to join other groups in sharing the special memories and love that is created through adoption.

National Adoption Month is a time to cherish the amazing youth that go through adoption and to recognize all of the hard-working individuals that dedicate their time to changing people’s lives. At NYAP, our ACTION Adoption team embodies this dedication and go above and beyond to meet the needs of our youth. But since it’s the beginning of National Adoption Month, we thought we’d highlight and introduce this amazing team.

ACTION (which at the time of its founding was an acronym for Adopting Children Today Information and Option Network) was founded in 1992 as an adoption support group by adoptive mothers. The group was established as a non-profit in 1994 and became licensed by the State of Ohio for adoptions in 1998. In 2015, the staff of the ACTION Adoption team joined NYAP as the adoption arm of the organization located in Dayton, Ohio. The team currently provides pre- and post-adoptive services to families and offers a variety of services such as: foster care, adoption, behavioral health support, family therapy and birth mother support. Patricia Hill, Mary Tarlano and Angela Brosh, all adoptive mothers themselves, are the key engineers of this team and all continue to work toward the main goal of permanency for children. The program is set to have 15 youth gain permanency through adoption finalization before the end of the year.

Each year, ACTION Adoption celebrates National Adoption Month with an Adoption Party.  This event gives the staff a chance to catch up with families and the kids who served over the years, but it also allows children the chance to visit with birth parents in a comfortable setting.  There are several families, both adoptive and birth, who have been visiting at this party annually for the past 15 years! Be on the lookout for more upcoming information on this special day later this month.

ACTION serves its fellow large cities surrounding the Dayton area, including Columbus, Cincinnati, Lima and Indianapolis. While ACTION serves locally, NYAP works with families and youth we serve to provide adoption services in most of our locations.

Our ACTION Adoption team simply works wonders for the children and families they serve and we are so grateful to have them. As National Adoption Month continues, we will continue to spread awareness of adoption and how it continues to change the lives of families, children and youth all over the world. Share with us how adoption has impacted you or someone you know!

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