“Empowered to Love Yourself” Chicago Event


Domestic violence is often difficult to discuss because of the emotional impact it has on the victims of abuse. These victims have gone through deep pain and may not feel heard amidst the struggle. This is why it is important that we at NYAP fully embrace those victims, and make their voices heard.

On October 10, our NYAP-Chicago Center for Adolescents & Families team held a special event in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month: “Empowered to Love Yourself.” The event included a panel of women who have experienced trauma in different ways; and allowed them to share their brave stories in a welcoming environment. Over 60 women came together from around the Chicago area to share their experiences and to connect with one another so that they can feel empowered once again.

The discussion panel was made up of five women including Rosalinda Rodriguez, Lynette Santiago, Ivonne Sambolin, Norma Hernandez and Deyra Mercado. Their ability to speak on their own encounters with domestic violence, and listen to others’ stories portrayed the power in coming together in support and acceptance. The event also included delicious food from local Chicago Mexican restaurant, “La Leña” and had support from Chicago organizations such as Health Alternative Systems: BASTA Program, Family Rescue, Child Support Services from the City of Chicago 25th Police District, GAP Community Center & Food Pantry, The Chicago Department of Family & Support Services and the Rebaño Church.

We are honored to take part in the recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month during the month of October. Events like this gives a voice to a group of people who may feel unheard through their trials. NYAP believes it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that everyone from our coworkers and the youth we serve to all members of our communities, feels like they are heard and accepted. NYAP believes that every person has an innate ability to learn, grow and develop. Through acceptance and giving voices to those around us, including to ourselves, we can feel empowered to grow as an individual, despite the challenges that we may have faced in the past.

Thank you to our NYAP-Chicago Center team and all those who helped make this wonderful event happen!

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