2018 Youth Success Day for Circuit 4 Awards

One of the best parts of our jobs is to watch children and youth grow each day as individuals. To grow as an individual, goals and expectations must be set and a constant effort to be better must be followed. When our youth do this, it is a beautiful thing to witness; seeing them persevere through trials in their way and rising above with their strengths.

The 2018 Youth Success Day for Circuit Four is an event put on by the Department of Juvenile Justice in collaboration with the Kids Hope Alliance. It is a celebration of youth that have successfully completed juvenile probation and who have turned their lives around.

Out of hundreds of youth that were nominated throughout Circuit Four in Florida, ten were chosen to receive awards presented by DJJ Secretary Daly. Of these ten youth that were selected, two from NYAP’s CANEI program in Jacksonville were chosen to be recognized, Alicia Lovell (17) and Brenton Hannah (16).

Alicia and Brenton were chosen because of their constant and unwavering work ethic in trying to better their lives. Both have completed the CANEI program and are continuing to make amazing strides in their lives as they become adults and move forward.

NYAP’s CANEI (Constant And Never-Ending Improvement) program is a four- to six-month, in-home treatment program that teaches youth how to live in and respect their community. The program lies out five strategies that include strength-based approaches, never giving up on a child, therapeutic group work, intensive staff-to-youth ratios and staying connected and building in the community. We currently offer the CANEI program in the states of Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

We are so fortunate to have youth at NYAP like Alicia and Brenton who show us that anything is possible. We cannot wait to see more “success stories” of our youth like them who have turned their lives around and come back to be committed citizens in their community.

Congratulations to Alica Lovell and Brenton Hannah, as well as the entire Jacksonville CANEI team who have worked tirelessly together to meet the youth’s goals! #WeAreNYAP