Chicago, IL – Camp CANEI learn the inner workings of City Hall

Submitted by Reyahd Kazmi

This past July, the National Youth Advocate Program’s Camp CANEI program in Chicago took a trip to City Hall to learn the inner workings of city government for the third largest city in America. While visiting, the campers, staff and exchange professionals had a knowledge-filled and tour-packed day. For instance, the team visited the Chicago City Council Chambers and Mayor’s Office where they had the opportunity to discuss community safety, youth jobs programs, and gun and gang violence with Senior Advisors and top Aids to Mayor Emanuel. During the discussion, our campers provided valuable knowledge that will hopefully provide positive changes for some of the city’s most vulnerable populations—children, youth and families.

In addition, our NYAP group visited the City Treasurer’s Office and received both a brief financial literacy lesson and took a crash course on how the city of Chicago invests its more than $8 billion portfolio. Finally the day was capped off with lunch and a tour of and photo from the rooftop of City Hall.

City Hall IL