Submitted by Lori Rosenthal, Licensing & Placement Manager

On Friday, May 30th, Katie Warner, Kristen
Acquavita Larkin
and Lori Rosenthal attended the adoption of Zacharie, now known as Zacharie Dean. Zacharie is a gay teen who was rejected by his biological mother when he revealed his sexuality. She kicked him out of her home and life and never looked back. A few days later on October 14, 2011 Zach’s life changed forever because he was placed in the NYAP foster home of Aaron and Matthew Dean.

The couple has loved and accepted him unconditionally since the moment they met him. They knew almost right away that Zach was going to be a permanent part of their family. Zach has flourished in this home pursuing his interests in modeling and art. Sadly, due to the lag of the system, Zach waited almost three years before he could breathe easy knowing he had his forever family. Three months shy of his eighteenth birthday, Zach was finally adopted. It is official and we could not be happier for this wonderful family.