January is National Thank You Month


Danke, grazie, merci, gracias, spasibo, thank you! No matter how you say thank you, say it this month. Gratitude, or saying “Thank You,” has been called one of the 3 most important virtues along with compassion and forgiveness.




January is National Thank You Month

11 Ways to Celebrate National Thank You Month

1. Teachers:

Teachers often hear parental complaints instead of our praise. Send a note or email to your kid’s teacher thanking her/him for the work she does. Or better yet, brag about how much you love her to the school principal.

2. Boss:

Bosses, like teachers, often hear more complaints than compliments. When your boss does something well, pay her a sincere compliment like, “You did a nice job running the staff meeting this morning. I appreciated your support.” Better yet, thank your boss for a job well done in front of others. This is a really nice confidence booster and won’t be forgotten.

3. Coworkers:

Bring bagels or donuts to your weekly staff meeting for coworkers. Or surprise a co-worker when you go on a Starbucks run by bringing a coffee back for him.

4. Employees:

Remember birthdays. Remembering someone’s birthday makes them feel special and appreciated – it says “thank you for being you.” We celebrate birthdays in my office and I’ll never forget a new employee I had that didn’t know this. She was so surprised on her birthday and it meant so much that she still brings it up. Decorate their inbox or cubicle. That is always a way to make someone feel special.

5. Kids:

Call or set them aside for a minute just to tell them thank you. Be specific about what you are thanking them for and how it made you feel. Taking out the trash at my house is a huge job – I have 3 boys. When I got home from work recently the trash was already sitting out in the alley for the following morning because my son was staying overnight at a friend’s house. I called him just to tell him thank you. He couldn’t believe it!

6. Parents:

Did you enjoy a recent get-together with family? Possibly over the holidays? Frame a fun photo from the event and give it to your parents.

7. Waiter:

Get the waiter off topic during your initial conversation. It can be so repetitious being a waiter so make his/her day more fun by being more conversational, which doesn’t always mean more personal. Also, let the waiter know if you want separate checks first thing and leave when you are through eating so your waiter’s table can open up for another tipping customer. And of course, TIP.

8. Mailman:

Wave and talk to the mail man when you have a chance and, better yet, keep the area in front of your mailbox clear of cars, snow and trash cans.

9. Grocery store cashier:

Greet and smile at the cashier when it’s your turn. Stay off your cell phone. If you see the groceries piling up then be willing to bag the groceries yourself. Partially writing out your check while the cashier is scanning also shows you appreciate your cashier’s time.

10. Dry Cleaner:

My dry cleaner has a candy dish and fresh flowers on the container. By just noticing these small things and acknowledging how pretty the flowers are I am thanking them for their extra effort to brighten my day!

11. Pets:

My dog Sophie loves treats and walking around the neighborhood. If you have a dog-friendly pet you can even visit some of the dog parks for a play date. If you are taking care of someone’s dog, write a letter from the dog for the owners to receive when they get back from vacation. It is a nice way to set someone at ease who leaves their prized possession in your care. It is also a nice way to say “thank you for trusting me.”

What can you notice about people you see each day? Be creative in who and how you thank people. Get to know people well enough to know what they like – you don’t have to be nosy or spend a lot of money.

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Susan Fletcher, Ph.D. is a practicing psychologist & speaker on Emotional Intelligence, productivity, performance & leadership development. She is the author of Working in the Smart Zone (2008) & Parenting in the Smart Zone (2005).

full article can be found here: National Thank You Month