Martinsburg, WV – Peace Leave Mission to Barahona, Dominican Republic

Abigayle Koller, Director of Program Development for the Martinsburg, WV region, recently returned from a Peace Leave mission to Barahona, Dominican Republic on June 15-22. This was Abigayle’s 9th trip to the area. While there, she served in two capacities: assisting a medical team and counseling. Counseling clients included several individuals and couples. Much of what she used while serving was crisis intervention and some solution focused work. When Abigayle left, several local Dominicans that she trained provide follow-up and additional services.

Several trips ago, Abigayle met an older man who she had PSA tested (while doing a men’s medical/sexual workshop). It turned out he had elevated PSA levels and had a follow-up sonogram. He had prostate cancer; had it removed and continues to thank Abigayle each time she returns because “she saved my life”. Abigayle looks forward to returning to the area again to continue serving others with her counseling. Below are pictures of Abigayle with one of her clients, the man who had prostate cancer and Abigayle teaching one of her classes.

Abigayle Koller

Abigayle KollerAbigayle Koller