Columbus, OH – National Youth Advocate Program announces NEW Leadership at Care Management


Marvena Twigg, President/CEO, just announced the appointment of Scott Timmerman, Vice Pres. of Planning & Organizational Excellence, as the NEW Director of Care Management and the promotion of Jen Palla to Associate Director of Care Management effective February 11th.

LeadershipScott has been employed with NYAP since 2000, previously serving on the NYAP and OYAP Board of Directors. Also Vice President at NYAP, Scott is responsible for licensing and certification with state authorities, our accreditation, the Quality Advancement and Central Service Reception departments and in responding to Requests for Proposals. He is a LISW-S and has professional experience in child protective services, at a hospital based child abuse program, in community pediatric social work practice and substance abuse treatment.

Jen has been a NYAP employee since 2006, having worked at both Delaware and Franklin County Children Services prior to coming to NYAP as a Team Leader at Care Management. During her time with NYAP, Jen was promoted to Assistant Director of Care Management and also spent some time learning about the broader NYAP while working in QA at the Watermark office. This appointment as Associate Director recognizes Jen’s commitment to the employees and workforce at Care Management and the vital work they do with children and families with open protective services and unruly and delinquent youth and their families. Jen has a Masters of Science in Education.