January is National Mentoring Month at the National Youth Advocate Program

(Columbus, Ohio, January, 2013) What do Oprah Winfrey, Christina Aguilera and President Barak Obama all have in common? Give up?? They all had mentors! Whether it’s motivating a mentee or just being that listening ear, mentors have a positive impact in the lives they touch. A mentor can be the motivating force that takes the mentee from wanting to actually doing.

Here at National Youth Advocate Program (NYAP) our mentors are paired with parents who are facing difficult life circumstances. Volunteers who choose to mentor through our Parent Advocate Connection Program (PAC) are caring individuals who are willing to listen, share their life experience and offer a hand in friendship.

“By lending a hand and serving as a mentor, countless individuals have empowered young Americans with the confidence, inspiration, and tools to lead rich and fulfilling lives.”-President Barak Obama, December 2011. Our NYAP mentors have done just that with the parents they mentor. Here is what one of our parent mentees said about the importance of this relationship.

”The most satisfying thing about the mentoring program was the fact I had someone I could vent to when the world got to heavy,”

While the mentees express their gratitude for having mentors in their lives, the mentors often discuss how their lives have positively changed as a result of the relationship. Here is what some of our mentors had to say about their experience.

“Understanding how difficult life can be is humbling.” “The most rewarding aspect of mentoring is seeing my mentee grow and develop into a young adult. Every now and then she will send me a text that reminds me that I am appreciated and vice versa.” “Mentoring was an important part of my teenage development. It’s important to give back. A mentor saved my life!!”

January is National Mentoring Month. We would like to thank all our mentors for their time and dedication. By extending their hand, they make a difference everyday in the lives of our parents and families.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor please contact

LeAndra Capers at 614-895-6820, lcapers@nyap.org.