Chicago, IL – National Youth Advocate Program Successfully accesses the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act

On September 5, the Illinois program had a 17 year old boy whose placement of two years was disrupted. This young man has struggled in school over the years but had developed a strong support system in the specialized program he is in at his current school. He’s a senior, on the honor roll, and very invested in finishing on time. Knowing all of this, the staff in Illinois struggled with the fact that there were no other homes available in his current school district.

One home appeared to be a good fit for him, but it was a significant distance from his home school. Delia Jones, Treatment Coordinator took the lead and learned about the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act that requires school districts to provide transportation to children who are considered homeless, or for foster children, not in a permanent home. This took a lot of planning, research and over a week’s worth of emails back and forth between the staff in Illinois and various representatives of both school districts.

In the end, they worked it out and this young man is now being provided with transportation so he can finish his senior year on time and in the environment that he knows and loves.

Thanks to all of the Illinois staff—case management, licensing and clinical—that came together
to get this done!

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