Chicago, IL – Six Youths and Siblings reunited with their biological families thanks to NYAP staff

The Illinois staff has been working hard and is proud to report that six youth have been returned home to their biological families this summer. After a long separation and many obstacles, a sib group of four successfully returned home to their family in Chicago.

A 17 year old girl was also returned home to her mom. This teen had experienced a failed guardianship with her grandmother and hadn’t lived with her mother since she was three years old. Another youth, age 15, returned home to her mother’s care after less than a year of separation. Mrs. Parker, foster parent to this youth and a foster parent of many years, talked about how happy she was to experience the success of helping a child return home for the first time.

The Parkers helped this youth maintain a relationship with her mom and even had her family to their home for the Christmas holiday. On her last day at the agency, this youth wrote the following letter to staff and gave permission to share it in News & Views.

Dear NYAP, I appreciate EVERYTHING! I have grown from a troubled child to a (somewhat troubled) young adult. I am very pleased to say that NYAP is a great place for foster children around the country. I just want to say to the incoming kids that IT GETS BETTER. I know that you’re in a scary place and you are confused but soon you will be independent and confident. Best wishes to all of the agency members and especially to the foster kids welcomed to NYAP, stay strong. (with love), LP

Many thanks to all for the hard work on behalf of the youth, their families and the staff at NYAP for helping make these reunifications happen!