Chicago, IL – CANEI at risk youth close call with bullet, NYAP staff get assistance from Chicago Fire Department and area Ambulance

Hats off to our Chicago DJJ based CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement) Team. On Augusta 9, 2012, they were challenged with an unbelievable test. One of our youths was shot at (thankfully missed) on Wednesday evening in his community. During the Child and Family Team meeting yesterday at our group site, the youth began to express his anger and outrage and spoke of retaliation and self-harm. Our CANEI team managed the situation very carefully.

The team asked for help by putting out an all Illinois staff text letting everyone know that they needed assistance. Calls were made to staff and Tony Gleason, CANEI Therapist, went to the group site to physically assist and assess the youth’s needs. Meanwhile, the other youth were already arriving for their weekly group. Our CANEI staff persevered, called the Chicago Fire Department for assistance and a fire truck and ambulance arrived. The needs of the one youth were handled professionally and safely and the youth was transported to a local hospital for an assessment.

Katie Sullivan, Maureen McInerney and Tony Gleason, our CANEI team assisted the rest of the group in processing this event and providing a meal to all. The nature of the event lent itself to the group topic of the week. We were also pleased that a DJJ probation officer, Russell Akis, came to sit in on group and observed how our staff managed the situation. Having Russell with us for the afternoon was wonderful and he had the opportunity to observe our staff in action firsthand. Thanks to our Illinois CANEI team for working together to help our youth and avert what could have been a very dangerous situation.