Gainesville, GA – CANEI Team gets Department of Juvenile Justice expansion approval

The Gainesville, Georgia CANEI team, Grace Brooks and Matt Clark, along with Stacie Conliffe and Judy Strnad met with the Department of Juvenile Justice on Thursday, August 9 to discuss expansion of CANEI services into Dawson and Forsyth counties.

The two counties border Hall County (Gainesville). They were graced with the presence of Judge Carden who hears cases in both Hall and Dawson counties. Our CANEI staff are well known to her and she is a huge CANEI supporter. Both Dawson and Forsyth DJJ staff believe that CANEI can also assist the youth and families in their communities as well. Due to the fine work of our staff, the decision is to go forward and begin developing a plan to place CANEI in a shared pilot between these counties. The question during the meeting and presentation was, “how quickly can you start?” With the addition of these two counties, Georgia CANEI will have 5 sites in 7 counties.

Thank you Georgia for all of your hard work on behalf of DJJ youth and families.