Columbus, OH – CANEI Team plays host to Hamburg Germany social worker for two months at the NYAP Care Management office

Berit Kampf is a professional social worker in Hamburg Germany who will visit NYAP for two months beginning today. This training/internship opportunity is sponsored by the Council of International Programs USA. Berit will live with a host family in Columbus and during her stay will intern with CANEI within the Care Management program in Columbus and be supervised by Scott Timmerman.

Ms. Kampf’s work in Germany is with an independent organization that works with youth welfare and family support. She describes her role as working with youth adults and their parents to stabilize, create perspectives and to “act as a person of trust.” NYAP is pleased to be able to host Berit and it appears we may be able to learn as much from Berit during her visit with us as she hopes to learn from us.