Columbus, OH – Above and Beyond Award – Congrats Kelli, Phil and Andrea!

Scott Timmerman , Vice President, expressed his appreciation by awarding an Above & Beyond Award to Kelli Fulton  ,IT Coordinator/ Property Manager, for her excellent performance the weekend before last.

Scott writes:

I recognize your contributions to minimize the disruption of Central Service Reception operations in the aftermath of the destructive storm that struck central Ohio at 5 PM on Friday, June 29.  The entire block at 527 S. High Street was without power from that time until the morning of July 3.  On Saturday morning you contacted me to say you and Phil Francis from IT had discussed how to establish an interim plan to support service reception.  You and Phil came in to Watermark to assist Andrea Banton , Service Reception Supervisor, in switching to and setting up a blackberry to allow as normal an operation as possible.  The timing of the storm also resulted in some offices having forwarded their phones for the weekend and other offices not being able to.  You worked to assure that all offices that could have phones forwarded to service reception were forwarded, doing so manually one office at a time.  Continuing through Monday, you assisted Duane Phillips, CIO and the IT department in re-establishing a working office for CSR at Watermark complete with work stations and hones so although in temporary facilities, they could operate as close to full capacity as possible from temporary housing.  I could go on and on regarding the effort and energy you devoted to minimize the impact of the S. High Street and Newark offices being knocked out, your knowledge of the hone systems and capacities to forward and manage incoming calls which minimized the impact of our two largest offices being without power.  You extended yourself on your own time and managed multiple complex phone issues so that by Tuesday morning all calls were being handled by Columbus and Newark foster care offices at Watermark.  Thank you for going Above and Beyond.

Scott also expressed his appreciation to Phil Francis, IT Technician.

On Saturday morning you and Kelli Fulton  collaborated to come up with a plan for interim support of Service Reception which operates 24/7.  While the initial thought was that you would create work stations with email and server access and phone lines at Watermark that became impractical as the AC was off at Watermark and the temperatures were in the mid 90s.  You and Kelli Fulton came in to Watermark to assist Andrea Banton  in establishing back up alternatives to maintain CSR availability, which although at reduced capacity, allowed NYAP to remain open throughout the weekend and until interim arrangements could be made at Watermark on Monday, as you had hoped to set up on Saturday.  Other than the first night when CSR was dark and without power and it was still thought it might be a temporary outage, CSR operated throughout the remainder of the power outage.  Thank you for going Above and Beyond.