Indianapolis, IN – Danelle King Talks About Her Unforgettable Mission Trip to South Dakota

Danelle King, Therapist in Indianapolis, IN wrote the following:

The Lakota Tribe

We went on our first family mission trip to Mexico in 2011. Our children had such a wonderful experience that we decided to do another mission trip this year. The children played violin on the Circle during the week of the Super Bowl here in Indianapolis to earn money for the trip. We earned enough to go to South Dakota and work on the Cheyenne River Reservation. We had to go with open hearts and be willing to work on whatever projects needed to be done. We slept on the floor of a church and did much painting and repairing on houses and buildings that to me just needed to be torn down and rebuilt. It seemed to me to be similar to how God works in our lives…repairing and rebuilding when people may feel it is pointless or hopeless.

Our family also learned a lot about the Lakota Tribe and past and current struggles to keep their land. The area is so destitute that people were begging on the streets for water. We have encountered transient people asking for money but never asking for water. One of the highlights for the children was simply walking around the Reservation and handing out bottles of clean water. It is always amazing to me how the focus of missions is serving others, yet the personal gain and self-changing experience just cannot be matched.