Indianapolis, IN – Regional Manager and NYAP staff pull together individualized baskets for each foster family

Barbara Reed, Regional Manager, sends the following information regarding the Indianapolis office:

This May was an exciting time for the Indianapolis Office as our staff recognized the wonderful foster parents on the team!! This year we decided to design individualized baskets for each family comprised of movie passes, games, lotions, candy, cards, books, etc.!!  We delivered each one individually to their homes or in the community.  Some of the foster parents were so was great to witness.

Their comments were as follows:

NYAP is the best!

I love my basket!

Is this for me??

You made my day

We also had a night out at the movies where 40 families were treated to a FREE moving watching The Avengers 3D.  Each family appreciated that time greatly.  We thank the General Manager of AMC theatres, Laura Tyree, who was so generous in allowing us to have a private showing of this movie!