Columbus, OH – NYAP participates in the downtown LGBTQ festival by showing their diverse support in the community

Columbus Ohio Pride 2012

Tatyana “Tanya” Shats, Community Resource Coordinator in Columbus, OH, gathered the troops at NYAP for participation in the Pride parade held last Saturday. Tanya writes: The Pride parade/festival allows LGBTQ families to feel accepted and celebrated.

This year NYAP staff members including Michael Rainbow, India Jones, Michelle Lizardi and Tatyanai, along with our close family and friends, participated in the parade. The NYAP team distributed candy (lots and lots of candy), NYAP Frisbees and information cards about becoming foster parents.

It was wonderful to see so many families support and cheer for us and even spot a few familiar faces in the crowd. It was a great time for staff to get to know one another and to meet each other’s family and friends. Our participation sent a message that we support LGBTQ families and we love having a diverse group of foster parents. We hope to continue to participate in future Pride and other community events.

photo credits:  Amy Davis –