Columbus, OH – Family Case Manager from NYAP’s Care Management Program receives hart felt email from Mother

Alyssa Jones, Family Case Manager in our Columbus, OH Care Management program, received an email and link for a newspaper article from a mother who has struggled greatly to deal with her child’s behaviors. As the child started showing improvements, it was still difficult for mother to acknowledge her child’s strengths.

The email reads,“Hello to all, I am just so proud when my daughter does great things, that I wanted to pass it along for others to see. The 13th paragraph down, Iesha is mentioned for the poster she made and her project helped her to be selected out of twenty-some students to go on the two day trip to Bowling Green. Iesha said she had really good vibes while attending the Symposium that she had some help from one of the teachers (Thanks) to help fill out an application to attend the college while there. She received an email a few days later stating that she was accepted. WOW! Congratulations to Iesha for her great news and her awesome work. We will be visiting the school later this week to finalize everything!!

Thank you for all your help – be it large or small – it was very much appreciated. Special thanks to those of you who just listened. Iesha will be graduating on June 2nd, she plans to work this summer and then off to BGSU. BGSU Bound!!! Be Blessed!! Proud mother of a really great child (away from home!). I love you Iesha! Keep up the good work at all times, even at home!!