Columbus, OH – NYAP’s Emergency Shelter Care (ESC) Program becomes part of the Casto Corporation’s community engagement project for 2012

818 Alton Ave.

The Emergency Shelter Care (ESC) program in Columbus, OH would like to take the time to recognize the Casto Corporation. They “adopted” ESC for Christmas 2011. They provided all of our ESC youth with pajamas, socks, undergarments, and hygiene products in addition to an Xbox 360, karaoke machine, ping pong table and new comforter/sheet sets for our homes.

ESC also became the program for Casto’s community engagement project for 2012. Led by Cheryl Holmes, they requested a “wish list” for our homes. Since the development of our wish list, Casto has spent a week in April at the Alton property tearing out the old tile in the kitchen and dining areas and completely laid a new floor.

On Thursday, May 10 they had 15-20 volunteers painting the exterior of 818 Alton, power washing the administrative building (810), laying mulch, pulling weeds and provided our recreation room with a punching bag for our boys. The staff of ESC cannot extend our gratitude enough! They will continue to work on the “wish list” throughout the remainder of the year. ESC invites everyone to come out to see the improvements!

Want to meet our ESC Staff and Group Living staff?  Here’s a facebook photo album