NYAP HR department and Community Engagement gives Shout Outs!

The Human Resource and Community Engagement (HRCE) Department has been relocated to 5900-A Sharon Woods Blvd. They want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in helping them move to their new location. They appreciate all the hard work and extra hours that were spent to make their transition as smooth as possible.

A special thank you to: Duane Phillips, Tom Kowalski, Kelli Fulton, Norman Crosswhite, Neal Kise, Jimmy Harper, Dave Lowy, Gonja Tillman and Nola LaWarre. Also, Karen Byrd and Chris Needham went out of their way last week to get the Sharon Woods Blvd. office ready for spring. They spent the afternoon with two youth who are participating in our program planting flowers in the courtyard. Thanks to their hard work, staff at Sharon Woods will have an even more beautiful view!