Newark, OH – Above and Beyond Award – Congrats Elizabeth Myers!

Regional Manager of the Newark office, Jennifer Geiger would like to present Elizabeth Myers, treatment coordinator from the Newark region, the ‘Above and Beyond’ award.

We present her with this award for her positive attitude, hard work, dependability, and dedication to her clients and families. Several of her foster homes have called the Regional Manger to report that Elizabeth has been the best treatment coordinator they have ever had. One even said she was the best that they ever had from any agency. Elizabeth is also a team player. When help is needed in the office, Elizabeth is one of the first to volunteer.

We had an incident where an out-patient client was to have a visit with their biological parent and a counseling session, but due to a scheduling problem, the counselor left for the day and there was no one to supervise the visit. Elizabeth volunteered to stay and supervise the visit so the child could spend time with the parent. Elizabeth always comes to the office with a smile on her face and ready to work. Elizabeth is also going into the school and providing counseling for children who need it.

She is well liked and respected by her co-workers. We value her dedication and hard work. Thanks Elizabeth for going above and beyond! NYAP greatly appreciates you!