Newark, OH – Congrats to the Newark Region for shattering the placement record!!

Congratulations to the staff of the Newark region!!! Newark has shattered the record for regional growth by having 113 in placement this week. 

Sharon Marconi, Ohio’s Program Director, states,

“Newark’s improved census, which has exceeded projections, has much to do with the commitment to establishing a continuum of care. This service continuum allows foster parents to feel supported through treatment services which are all “in house”. Therapists have a central role in preserving placements and preventing disruptions. Juvenile sexual offender treatment services and AOD services are right around the corner as well for this region making it well rounded in terms of comprehensive care.” 

Wellington Chimbwanda, CFO, sends his praises,

“Newark is a clear testimony of teamwork and belief. All financial variables from foster revenue, Medicaid revenue and profitability have grown in leaps and bounds and all because of the power of census growth. I say hats off to Newark. They deliver because they are the sum of the strengths of their individual team members. Keep it up, and continued growth is being experienced in 2012.”