Chicago, IL – NYAP Illinois has secured an Intensive Home-Based CANEI Pilot Program with DJJ in Cook County, IL

The Illinois program has a great deal to celebrate this week. After months of meetings and negotiations, the Illinois program has secured an Intensive Home-Based CANEI (Constant And Never Ending Improvement) Pilot Program with the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice in Cook County, Illinois. Ed Sparks, Judy Strnad and Katie Sullivan met with the Director of DJJ on Tuesday and were informed that we were approved for a pilot program to begin mid-April or the first of May.

The pilot program is one where CANEI is going to need to demonstrate success early on in the process with the youth they serve. The Department of Juvenile Justice is selecting one area neighborhood within Cook County, Illinois. We have been assured that the community is one of their toughest neighborhoods and needs the most help. This is an exciting time for Illinois and CANEI. Ed, Judy and Katie want to thank the entire Illinois team for all of their support and help in achieving this goal and assisting in what CANEI will need once youth are referred.

Illinois is now the first CANEI state for NYAP that will have an Intensive Home-Based CANEI program as well as a Foster Care Based CANEI program. We also want to thank Katie Sullivan for getting NYAP in touch with the Deputy Chiefs at DJJ in Cook County whom she previously worked with years ago. Congratulations, Illinois team!