Newark, OH – The Newark region continues to grow and are now licensed to provide Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) services

The mental health program in Newark started around 2009 with approximately 20 counseling cases. All of these cases were NYAP foster children. In 2010, the program expanded rapidly as the Newark region began to get referrals from Licking Memorial Pediatrics (LMP). Due to long waiting lists from other agencies in Licking County, LMP had minimal success with linking clients locally for mental health services. It was at this time that NYAP Newark realized the need for mental health services and began to work toward expanding the mental health program by starting an outpatient program. The outpatient program increased quickly and opened up services to adults.

Currently there are three salaried therapists, one contingent therapist, and a clinical supervisor who also carries a caseload. They are actively recruiting for another full time salaried therapist. The referral base in the community continues to increase. Referrals are received from ‘Help me Grow,’ Woodland counseling services, and schools in the area. 411 clients were served over the course of the fourth quarter of 2011. 215 clients are currently being served, approximately 46 are foster care youth and 169 are clients from the community. 

The Newark region continues to grow in other areas as well. In 2011, services were moved into the school system. Due to budget cuts, some schools in the area eliminated in-house social workers and guidance counselors. In the fall, collaboration with Wilson Middle School helped them provide services that they no longer had due to the cuts. NYAP therapists are in the school two times a week to see clients that are identified as needing services. The majority of these clients are Medicaid eligible. NYAP Newark is also starting CPST services for outpatient clients, and as of February 1st they are now licensed to provide Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) services. There are two home-based counseling cases and services will be expanded in that area as the need continues to grow. 

It is an exciting time for Newark and they look forward to expanding services in anyway that will help the community. Jennifer Geiger, Regional Manager, says, “We owe our success to finding a need and working aggressively to meet it, the NYAP way!”