Columbus, OH – Congratulations Walter! – Above and Beyond Award

NYAP has instituted a new award system for 2012. Supervisors have been given “Above and Beyond” coupons to give to staff that have gone “above and beyond” their normal job duties. These coupons award one free day of Goodwill to be used before the end of the year. 

The first recipient of this “Above and Beyond” award is Walter Cain, Service Reception Coordinator, who is a 15 year employee of NYAP. Walter was given this award for several reasons. On January 27, after working a full shift plus a few extra hours, Walter volunteered to drive to Lima to transport some youth for placement. At the last minute, he didn’t have to go but he willingly volunteered! Walter is always one of the first to help with coverage if someone is sick or on vacation. Walter has also built strong, effective relationships with staff and referral sources in Georgia and West Virginia which helps facilitate placements for youth in those areas. Thanks Walter for “going above and beyond”!