Columbus, OH – Kudos to all CANEI Graduates

CANEI graduation was held for Columbus, OH participants on Tuesday, January 24. Three youth participants graduated and one youth received a certificate of participation. Kudos to Brian Bohl, Treatment Coordinator, and Jazmin Schilling, Treatment Advocate, for a job well done!

The following is a poem written by one of the graduates:


6 months in this program
I can’t believe it was true
Felt like my chill time was taken from me
Hated that my time would be wasted on counselors
Who didn’t really care.
Had more important things to do than talk about feelings
Didn’t care what would happen to my future
Couldn’t care less if I lived another day.

Then I met Brian.
Thought he was lame, never expected him to care
But he smiled and laughed and tried to make me feel comfortable.
Couldn’t understand why he tried so hard.
Lost in my own world alone and comfortable.
After Brian came Jazmin,
These people were driving me crazy
Why did they care what I did with my life?

But Jazmin was different, never held her tongue
Always kept me in line.
Each day I grew and learned from my mistakes
All from the help of these two.
These people who never knew me, book the time to help me get better.
Thank you Brian and Jazmin for taking the time to care…..