Music: a prescription for health and happiness

Next time you listen to a song, notice how your body and mind respond to it. Are you swaying, tapping your feet or fingers, maybe even nodding your head and smiling? It’s easy to miss, but music can positively affect your health – and now there’s a growing body of science to illustrate this.

In fact, music has been shown in studies to reduce depression, anxiety, and the need for sedatives. Another study found that music helps relieve pain in chronic pain patients. And cancer patients have found moderate pain relief from listening to music while undergoing chemotherapy. It seems music is climbing the charts as a prescription to help keep you healthy and make you happy.

What kind of music makes you happy? It’s really a matter of taste. And by opening yourself up to the wide world of music, you can customize your healthy day even more so.

Think about ways to incorporate more music into your day to enhance your health and happiness, and find a way to get at least one dose daily.

source from “Thrive with Kaiser Permanente”: